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Address: 11137 SW Capitol HWY Portland, OR 97219

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Welcome to our website. We hope you enjoy a unique dining experience with us soon. Our restaurant offers a wide selection of Chinese style vegetarian food. Why vegetarian? A known vegetarian, Dr J.H. Kellogg once said “when we eat vegetarian food, we don’t have to worry about what the food died of. This makes a joyful meal.” Is that a good enough reason?

Many people are finding vegetarianism a life choice full of benefits, but still, some people believe that you can’t get the vitamins, minerals and proteins your body needs without meat products. By eating a variety of different vegetables, legumes, nuts and grains throughout the day we are still able to get all those without having to sacrifice a life. So it is more than a dietary choice that helps maintain a healthy life; it also helps to sustain a livable environment.

We here at Green Wok hope you take pleasure in our chef’s effort to provide both healthful and flavorful food.



OK, so It WAS just an off day when I wrote this review. I have been back 2 more times, and each meal is better than the last! Orange chicken, and the fried shrimp appetizer are AWESOME! — BB E (Yelp Review),

Their buffet lunch is the best deal! Staff is very friendly, and the food is tasty. So excited they are offering vegan sushi now! — Colleen C.,